Adaptable Smart Urban Agriculture (ASUA)

GreenTech AgriFood & Innovation Canada promotes ASUA to improve food self-sufficiency, reduce food waste and contribute to a circular food economy. This is a revenue-neutral initiative of GAIC.  In 2021, GAIC’s activity was supported by Innovation Guelph under the ‘Seeding Our Food Future’ program. In 2021, GAIC was involved with 9 senior households and 3 community plots and produced more than 2000 lbs of vegetables. In 2022, GAIC is expecting to expand this activity with support from all corners.

To promote ASUA the GAIC’s activities are as follows:

  1. Prepare the vegetable beds/plots for seniors who are interested in gardening in their backyards.
  2. Plant the seedlings/plants (the participants would manage seedlings of their choice, and GAIC will also try to supply some of the common seedlings if possible).
  3. Put support if required (for example, tomato, vine crops such as cucumbers). The participants have to manage the materials for support).
  4. Apply the fertilizer if required (fertilizer made available by the participant).
  5. Monitor the growth throughout the growing season (bi-weekly; June-August).
  6. Community gardening: The produces is distributed among seniors, Charitable organizations, food banks, etc.

2021 Activities:

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