Adaptable Smart Urban Agriculture (ASUA)

  • Affordable & sustainable (Innovative Agriculture)!
  • Protects against wind chill & wind gust!
  • Stimulates initial growth!
  • No weeding!
  • Improves resources utilization efficiency & productivity!
  • Minimize air and water pollution (reduce run-off and seepage loss)!
  • Conserves resources!
  • Reduce soil erosion!
  • Minimize labour requirement
  • Improves food self-sufficiency!
  • Helps environment!
  • Fun & satisfaction!
Bioreactor for Syngas Fermentation

Bioreactor for Syngas Fermentation

Seed-cum-Fertilizer Distributor

Seed-cum Fertilizer Distributor

Pineapple Plant Dressing Machinezer Distributor

Pineapple Plant Dressing Machine

Seed-Cum Fertilizer Distributor

Chopping Machine for Animal Feed

Bioreactor for Syngas Fermentation